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Thanks for joining the call for consideration of cycling by the next Government.

You can still sign our petition to call for more support for cycling from the Commonwealth Government. We will be presenting all your names to the relevant incoming Minister when they are appointed. You can also opt-in to receive vote4cycling e-newsletters to stay up to date with our post-election activities.

I Vote4Cycling!

To all candidates seeking support in the forthcoming election;

I am one of many people in Australia who cycle or would like to ride more. There are more than 4 million regular cyclists from every part of society, every town and city and every state and territory.

Cycling is great and I know if more people took up cycling we could all benefit.

I know many people who would love to ride, but they consider it’s too risky or inconvenient.

They’ve got a point and I think you can help make it happen!

Every dollar you spend on cycling helps cut the cost of the country’s medical bill, it makes our transport system run more smoothly and it improve our communities. Something that does all those things should be a priority.

That’s why I have signed up here with so many others.

I want you to do three things:

1. Find out what projects in your electorate would help get more people cycling, and get behind them.
2. When you’re elected, support policies and budget commitments that will give people who want to ride the chance to do it.
3. Tell us what you think. Put your views and your commitments on the vote4cycling website (

Thank you.
Australian Vote4Cycling Partnership

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