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Candidate Information

Was this information provided by the candidate?
Yes – I am a candidate in the federal election for the electorate named below.
Full Name
Adam Bandt
280 King St
Post Code
3000 – Melbourne
03 96420922

Additional Information

Political Party

Policy Statement & Initiatives

Policy Statement
The Greens believe that we need to prioritise public transport and cycling to take the pressure off our congested roads and improve our quality of life. We will invest in public transport and cycling instead of more tollways. This will reduce traffic congestion, make our cities more liveable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Proposed Initiatives
The Greens will extend our highly successful program from the stimulus package to fund bike paths by providing an additional $240 million over three years from 1 July 2014.

The Greens will invest $50 million in Victoria to build the priority bike routes identified by Bicycle Network Victoria, such as the Shepherds Bridge bike crossing replacement, and a further $5 million to inner Melbourne city councils to develop and fast track currently unfunded projects such as the Yarra North Bank viaduct.

This funding will come from re-directing uncontracted funds from within the Nation Building Fund.

Specific Initiatives (OPTIONAL)

In the following boxes, please provide any specific responses you have to key areas that will increase cycling participation.

Cycling Investment & Infrastructure
The Greens want more high quality footpaths, bike paths and lanes to encourage walking, cycling and public transport use. We want to divert some of the excessive amount of Federal road funding to cycling and other active and public transport.
Cycling Research & Policy
The Australian Greens believe that oil depletion and climate change make Australia's present way of life in car-dependent cities and regions unsustainable; there is an urgent need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Human settlements must be designed and built to minimise environmental harm and maximise social wellbeing. We believe that Australia's transport system must function on principles of ecological sustainability, equity of access, and public ownership of critical public transport infrastructure. Environmental and social sustainability must be the fundamental cornerstones of transport planning, and this informs our approach to cycling policy.
Safety of Cyclists
There’s more we can do to make cycling safer and ensure all road users are conscious of the appropriate rules and precautions to keep everyone safe. Greens MPs across the nation are supporting legislation to make drivers leave a minimum distance when overtaking bicycle riders – of 1 metre on roads up to 60km/h, and 1.5 metres on faster roads. The Greens in Federal parliament will work to change the National road rules in line with the state Greens proposals.
Children\’s Cycling
Kids should be encouraged to get on their bikes and develop bike safety skills early, to promote long-term healthy transport habits. Better bike path planning and separations would make it easier for kids to get around safely by bike, whether they're going to school, home or cycling for fun.
Encouragment and promotion of cycling
The Greens work to promote and encourage cycling within the community here in Melbourne. My Greens colleagues and I hop on our bikes as often as possible (my office in Melbourne has a very busy bike storage rack at our office!). Locally, I’ve worked with residents in my electorate and Greens at state and local government levels to secure better cycling infrastructure in Melbourne and ensure better planning for shared cycle and walking paths.


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